Saturday, January 26, 2008

Unofficial Opening Party at Envylicious a Success!

Samara and I decided to throw an impromptu party to announce our new galleries at Envylicious (see slurl in last post). We were off to a slow start, but things really got hopping and busy in no time! Samara was looking her usual gorgeous self, while i went for a look with sale hair from ETD and sale clothing from "Last Call". We spent a little time chatting and relaxing before the crowd got there, and then things were busy. I sold quite a few paintings, and I know Sam sold a good bit of her travel photos too. To everyone who came to support us, and everyone who purchased, we say a heartfelt thanks once again.

With much love from Artistic "Fimi" Fimicoloud & Samara Barzane

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fimi Gallery opens at Envylicious Sim!

I am excited to announce the latest "Fimi Gallery", which has opened in the new Envylicious sim. . Stop by and check it out, you'll find some of my paintings here found nowhere else in Second Life. The setting is a beautiful harbor, quite relaxing to stroll around and look at the brand-new shops opening up here.

Right next door, and also brand new, is my wonderful friend Samara Barzane's gallery of her eye-catching travel photos, "Samara Barzane's Souvenirs". Sam's photos are unique and entice the viewer in for a closer look.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello Second Life!

Nine months ago, I stumbled upon Second Life, thanks to a review by David Pogue of the New York Times. Immensely curious, but completely clueless, I dove right in. Immediately, I was lost in a world of other clueless "noobie" avatars stumbling about, trying to figure things out. But it didn't take me long. I was so excited when I found that I could sell my art on SL, and deliver my message of hope and inspiration to other women fighting breast cancer. My art, you see, was born of my disease, and is filled with happiness and joy, not pain and fear. Now I could reach an audience around the world!